March 13, 2015

This version contains most of the functionalities required for generating test cases in real world.

New features

  • Support scalar variables of types other than int (char, long long, std::string, etc.).
  • Support vector and matrix variables.
  • Support for lines and grid segments.
  • Implement convenience macros for specifying I/O segments.
  • Support sample test cases as literal lines of strings.
  • Check and report invalid input format.
  • Check and report failed solution execution.
  • Add intermediate method that can modify input variables before being output.
  • Increase limit of subtasks and test groups to 10.

Project development

  • Host documentation at Read the Docs.
  • Change build system to CMake.
  • Change extensions of header files to .hpp.
  • Add code coverage reporting using Coveralls.io.