tcframe Documentation


tcframe 1.x has been released! Check out 1.0.0 release notes for migration guide from 0.x.

Welcome to the official documentation of tcframe, a competitive programming test cases generator framework! This documentation is organized into several sections:


General information of tcframe project. Contains some code examples. Start here to grasp general understanding of this framework.

Getting Started

After getting the high-level concept of the framework, why not actually start writing a test cases generator? This section will guide you to install and write your very first generator.

Topic Guides

Now that you got your hand wet with your first generator, master each of tcframe‘s key concepts in more details here.


Tutorials, case studies, and best practices in writing generators for real competitive programming problems.

API Reference

Finally, this is an API documentation of all tcframe features that you will be looking up often when writing your generator.